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Hello Claroline!
Written by Michael Tiemann   
Montag, 09 August 2004
Claroline (CLassRoom onLINE) is implemented here as well. If you are partaking in one of my courses or otherwise came here to use it, just follow the link in the menu.
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New Appearance
Written by Administrator   
Montag, 09 August 2004
The site's new appearance is not only due to a better design, as I installed Joomla! as a content management system. It is easy to use and gives one lots of possibilities.
Last Updated ( Sonntag, 19 November 2006 )
Written by Michael Tiemann   
Montag, 27 November 2006

 Here you find some of what I have written. There are articles for the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Statistische Methoden in den Sozialwissenschaften, which can also be found there, there are some presentations and some summaries. To view the documents, you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader, which you should get here.

If you want to use and work with the documents, remember to cite them properly and please note the copyright.

If the title of a document is in German, the text will be in that language as well. 

Einige Zusammenhänge zwischen Soziologie und Philosophie.

The title should be self-explaining. This is the print-version to the first presentation given at the AGSMS.

Qualitative Datenanalyse.

This was also presented at the AGSMS. As examples for qualitative methods content-analyses, grounded theory and objective hermeneutics are introduced. 

Notiz zur logistischen Regressionsanalyse.

 The main aspects of logistic regressions are explained.

Notiz zur Zeitreihenanalyse.

The main aspects of time-series analysis, or better: serially correlated data, are shown. 

Vorstellung meiner Magisterarbeit.

This is a summary of the results of my master thesis in sociology. I analysed determinants of successfull applications to vocational education in the german dual system of vocational education. 

Die Folien zur Vorstellung meiner Magisterarbeit.

This is the presentation of my master thesis' results containing some more tables than the summary above. 

Notiz über die Grundbegriffe der objektiven Hermeneutik.

Here you will find the methods' main aspects explained and discussed together with a glossary. 

Notizen zu Erklärungen in der Soziologie.

Summaries of the most important authors in the field of explanation in sociology or its methodology are given: Hempel (and Oppenheim), Salmon, Geertz, Little and Oevermann as well. 


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